Transact is a digital conveyancing platform that makes the entire conveyance more transparent, faster, easier, and better quality through one cloud solution. It was conceived and built by Keyhouse and Pangea Ireland whose CEO is John Fahy. It was designed for the consumer to help them manage and track their property sale or purchase. Transact allows them to track key steps in the transaction of the property eliminating potential delays and closing sales faster.

From the solicitor’s point of view, it offers an improved client experience, greater transparency of the work required to complete the transaction and ultimately faster turnaround of the case.

John Fahy – “the angry customer” – Founded Transact after having personally gone through several property transactions as both a buyer and a seller. Having worked for 10 years in various customer focused digital innovation projects across the world, he was amazed at just how bad a customer experience buying/selling property was. His own experience and background led him to map out and challenge all existing practices involved in exchanging property. Having brought together all the leading Stakeholders to help design the Transact process (Keyhouse, leading banking institutions, Sherry FitzGerald) – the core of the product is focused on seeing the process through a buyer or sellers eyes.

Keyhouse are an Irish owned legal tech firm with over 20 years’ experience in helping law firms and solicitors to work smarter, not harder. In developing Transact, Keyhouse developed a cloud-based platform to help lawyers to improve the service they provide to their clients. Keyhouse are trusted partners across Ireland and the UK. They work with the majority of the top 500 law firms in Ireland and have in excess of 5,000 users.  Keyhouse uses intuitive practice management software, on-going services and specialised support to help law firms save time and manage their workload more efficiently. If you’re a law firm, or in-house legal department looking to work smarter, not harder and want to know more about Keyhouse check out their website here.