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Transact was conceived and built by Ireland’s leading technology, financial and legal industry experts. Their goal was to transform the incredibly slow, difficult and cumbersome process of buying and selling property in Ireland.

Our Solicitors have agreed to the Transact Customer Quality Agreement and this will ensure a smooth transaction for you.

Estate Agents or Solicitors looking to sign up please contact admin@transact.ie

Check out our video on how solicitors can easily upload and manage their property transactions.


Here are the law firms using Transact:

Firm NameWebsiteLocation
Colm O Cochlain Solicitorshttps://www.ocochlain.ie/Dublin 24
Brian Grogan Solicitorshttps://briangrogansolicitors.ie/Co. Dublin
Bourke Solicitorshttp://bourkesolicitors.ie/Dublin 12
O'Donnell McKenna Solicitorshttp://www.odmk.ie/Donegal & Dublin
John Griffin Solicitorshttps://griffinsolicitors.ie/Dublin 6w
Ardagh Lawhttp://www.ardaghlaw.ie/Dublin 12
Dermot P. Coyne Solicitorshttps://www.coynesolicitors.ie/Co. Dublin
Joe Clancy Solicitorshttps://www.joeclancy.com/Dublin 14
O'Brien Ronayne Solicitorshttp://www.tallaghtsolicitor.ie/Dublin 24
Sexton Keenan Solicitorshttp://sextonkeenan.com/Dublin 12
T.P. Robinson Solicitorshttps://www.tprobinson.com/propertyDublin 2
Able Solicitorshttp://www.ablesolicitors.ie/Dublin 8
Anthony Joyce & Co. Solicitorshttps://www.anthonyjoyce.ie/Dublin 8
Bardon Solicitorshttps://www.maguirebardon.ie/Co. Tipperary
Barry Healy & Co. Solicitorshttp://www.healylaw.ie/Monaghan & Dublin
Binchy Lawhttps://www.binchylaw.ie/Co. Tipperary
David Walley + Co.https://www.davidwalley.ie/Dublin 1
Donal M. Gahon, Ritchie & Cohttps://www.gahanritchie.com/Dublin 2
Doyle & Company Solicitorshttps://www.doyleandcompany.ie/Dublin 7 & Dublin 15
Gordon Judgehttps://gordonjudge.ie/Dublin 2
Hibernian Lawhttps://www.hibernianlaw.ie/Dublin 20
Mason Hayes & Curranhttps://www.mhc.ie/Dublin 4
Higgins O'Reillyhttp://www.higginsoreilly.ie/Co. Kildare
Hoban Boinohttps://hbsolicitors.ie/Dublin 7
James P. Evans Solicitorshttp://jamespevans.com/Dublin 15
John Neville & Co.http://www.johnnevilleandco.ie/Co. Dublin
Karen O'Neill Solicitorshttp://www.oneillassociates.ie/Co. Dublin
Mannion Solicitorshttp://www.mannionsolicitors.ie/Dublin 14
McCabe Solicitorshttp://mccabesolicitors.ie/Co. Dublin
Neil M. Blaney & Co. Solicitorshttps://neilmblaney.ie/Co. Dublin
O'Hanrahan Galloglyhttp://ohgsolicitors.ie/Dublin 3
Romaine Scally and Co Solicitorshttps://romainescally.ie/Dublin 24
Thorpe Taaffehttp://www.thorpetaaffe.ie/Dublin 11
Powderly Solicitorshttps://powderlysolicitors.ie/about/Co. Kildare
Cormac McCarthy Solicitorshttps://mccarthysolicitors.ie/Co. Galway
Bruen & Co. Solicitorshttp://www.bruenandco.com/Dublin 9
France E Barron Solicitorshttp://www.francesebarron.com/Co. Meath
Cullen & Co. Solicitorshttp://www.cullencosolicitors.com/Home.htmlDublin 8
Hennessey & Perrozzihttps://www.hpsol.ie/Co. Dublin


Colm O Cochlain Solicitors

Brian Grogan Solicitors

Bourke Solicitors

O'Donnell McKenna Solicitors

John Griffin Solicitors

Ardagh Law

Dermot P. Coyne Solicitors

Joe Clancy Solicitors

O'Brien Ronayne Solicitors

Sexton Keenan Solicitors

T.P. Robinson Solicitors

Able Solicitors

Anthony Joyce & Co. Solicitors

Bardon Solicitors

Barry Healy & Co. Solicitors

Binchy Law

David Walley + Co.

Donal M. Gahon, Ritchie & Co

Doyle & Company Solicitors

Gordon Judge

Hibernian Law

Mason Hayes & Curran

Higgins O'Reilly

Hoban Boino

James P. Evans Solicitors

John Neville & Co.

Karen O'Neill Solicitors

Mannion Solicitors

McCabe Solicitors

Neil M. Blaney & Co. Solicitors

O'Hanrahan Gallogly

Romaine Scally and Co Solicitors

Thorpe Taaffe

Powderly Solicitors

Cormac McCarthy Solicitors

Bruen & Co. Solicitors

Cullen & Co. Solicitors

France E Barron Solicitors

Hennessey & Perrozzi


Michael O'Connor Solicitors

McGroddy Brennan

Lanigan Clarke Solicitors

O’Gorman Cunningham & Co.

Sheridan & Co

MM Mulrine

Brendan Kelly Solicitor

Kelly Solicitors

Con O'Leary Solicitors

Ahern Rudden Quigley

Breda Cullivan & Co

Brian D. O'Brien Solicitors

Canning Solicitors

Rosemary Gantly Solicitors

Thomas Barry & Co

Steen O'Reilly

Sherwin O'Riordan

Ed O'Brien Solicitor

McKenna & Co

Direct Law

Bardon Solicitors

Binchy Law

McCabe Solicitors

Cormac McCarthy Solicitors

Micheal Glynn & Co. Solicitors

Lawlor O'Reilly & Co

Clark Hill

Dixon Quinlan

Ryan & Associates

Maurice Leahy Wade & Co.

Hugh O'Donnell & Co

Bernard Stobie Solicitors

Byrne & Co.

Morgan Redmond

RJ Kavanagh

Lockhart & Cleary

Augustus Cullen Law


Ballagh Solicitors

Bambury & Co

Johnston Solicitors


Lanigan Curran

Brendan Maloney & Company Solicitors

Michael J Breen & Co

Brooks & Co.

Burns Kelly Corrigan

Neil J Butler & Co Solicitors

Cahirs Solicitors

Cahill & Cahill Solicitors

Marion Campbell

Hickey Dwyer Solicitors

Carmody Solicitors

Cedric Christie & Co

Coakley Moloney

Coakley Moriarty Solicitor

Barry Collins & Co.

Lacy Walsh

Coleman Legal Partners

Concannon & Meagher, Solicitors

Kenny Sullivan Solicitors

Conways Solicitors

Maria Connolly

Mark Cooney Solicitors

Coghlan Kelly

Andrew Crean-Lynch Solicitor


Crowley Solicitors


Fiona D'Arcy & Company Solicitors

CDS Law & Tax

Allison Dey Solicitors

Dillon Geraghty

Dodd & Co Solicitors

HG Donnelly & Son

Donal T. Ryan Solicitors

Maura Donnelly & Co

Doody & Partners Solicitors

Doran O'Toole & Co.

NJ Downes & Co

Downes Solicitors

Doyle Solicitors

Paula Duffy Solicitors

Dundon Callanan

Trevor Dunne & Co.

Patrick J Durcan

Eames & Company

Ebrill Solicitors

Egan O'Reilly

English Leahy

Ennis & Associates

Thomas W. Enright

Feeney Millar Solicitors

Denis I Finn Solicitors

Fitzpatrick Gallagher McEvoy Solicitors

Alastair Purdy & Co. Solicitors

Anne Fitzpatrick Solicitor

Ivor Fitzpatrick & Co

Ronan Flaherty Solicitors

Freehill Craughwell Solicitors

Frizelle, O'Leary, McCarthy Solicitors

Barry C. Galvin & Son

Gallagher & Co. Solicitors

PD Gardiner & Associates

Julie Breen Solicitor

Geraghty Solicitors

Gleeson, McGrath Baldwin Solicitors

W F Gleeson

Shanley Glennon & Co

John Glynn & Co.,

AG Graham & Co

Grace Solicitors

St John Solicitors

Sean Grennan Solicitors

Hallissey & Partners Solicitors

John Hanway

Claudine Hanratty & Co.

Martin A. Harvey & Co., Solicitors

Haughton McCarroll Solicitors

Hayes McGrath

TJ Hegarty & Son,

Hegarty & Armstrong

Hegarty & Associates

Jim Heney Solicitor

Hennessy & Co., Solicitors

Herbots Solicitors

Holland Condon Solicitors

Anne L. Horgan & Co., Solicitors

Michael Horan

M.J.Horgan & Sons Solicitors

Tracy Horan & Co. Solicitors

Elizabeth Howard Solicitors

Huggard Brennan & Murphy

Hughes & Liddy

Hussey Fraser

Brendan Irwin

Summit Law

O'Reilly Doherty & Co.

O'Donnell McKenna

Burns Nowlan Solicitor

Maria Connolly Solicitors

Madigans Solicitors

McKenna & Co Solicitors

Emma Coffey Solicitors

Sherwin O'Riordan

Smith Foy & Partners

Kelliher Coghlan and Co

Gerald Kelly Solicitor

Hughes & Associates

Boyce Kelly Solicitors

PA Dorrian & Co.

Padraig O'Donavan & Co

Ahern Rudden Quigley

JA Shaw & Co

Canning Solicitors

Con O'Leary

Joseph Nolan & Co

Cosgrave Solicitors

Murphy Coady Commons

Cathal N. Young, O'Reilly & Co

McGinley Solicitors

Paul Kelly & Co.

Molloy Murphy

Christopher Grogan

Field Solicitors

Hudson Solicitor

JT Flynn

Regan McEntee

Sweeney McHugh Solicitors

Shanley Solicitors

Partners at Law

Gaffney Halligan

Newman Doyle

Kevin Tunney

Ryan & Ryan

Carey Solicitors

O'Hagan Ward

Shea Cullen Solicitors

Joynt & Crawford

Hartnett Hayes

Browne & Company Solicitors

McKenna McArdle Solicitors

O'Riada Solicitors

W & E Bradshaw Solicitors

Staines Law

O'Donnell Sweeney

Quinn Dillon & Co

Ford & Associates

McCartney & Casey

Quinn & Reynolds

Hegarty Solicitors

Johnston Solicitor

MD White Solicitors

MB Solicitors

John Gaynord & Co

James P Sweeney

MacBride Conaghan Solicitors

Byrne & O'Sullivan

Terry Gorry

Donal Farrelly Solicitors

Mary Cowhey

Michael Gillespie

Ken Kennedy Solicitors

Thomas Montgomery & Son Solicitors

O'Leary Maher

Apartment Law

Padhraic Harris & Co

Peter O'Connor & Sons

Nolan Farrell Goff

HD Keane Solicitors

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