See, manage and track
your property sale

Transact connects all
parties under one
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Transparency at every step of your property sale

Welcome to Transact , the online property tracker. If you’re buying or selling your home, Transact allows you to track key steps in the transaction of your property – including the legal process. Transact eliminates potential delays and closes sales faster.

What Transact users say:

Frisby Homes, Property Developer – “We are delighted to have adopted the Transact New Build system for our Foxwood and Knightswood Developments in Waterford. Before Transact, tracking of new sites and interaction with both our solicitor and purchasers solicitors was done via excel and post. Signing documents in paper, monitoring over-sized excel sheets and calling solicitors for updates was costing us significant time and money. Now with Transact, it’s all online and we have a 24/7 digital view of all properties.

Best of all is that it makes our customers lives much easier as they can do everything online, including signing contracts and tracking each stage of the development and legal process.

We look forward to working with Transact and MW Keller to deliver a great service to our customer on our Foxwood and Knightswood properties”

M.W. Keller & Son Solicitors LLP “We are delighted to announce that we will be using the e-conveyancing platform in conjunction with Frisby Homes on their Foxwood and Knightswood Developments in Waterford.

For the last number of months we have worked with Transact to develop an e-conveyancing portal that will dramatically improve how new build properties are exchanged. This will save all parties considerable time and will eliminate key pain points for our developers such as manually signing documents, constantly chasing for updates and dealing with unmanageable excel weekly calls. It also provides 100% transparency on all steps of the process – for all stakeholders.

We are also delighted that so many of the leading conveyancing firms in Waterford have signed up to Transact and we look forward to working with them, digitally, in this new post COVID environment, through”

couple with keys


Colm O’Cochlain, Solicitor – “The key benefit to using Transact is that my clients love it. It really is a differentiator for my firm, it makes life so much easier”

Estate AgentTransact has helped us close sales faster and significantly reduce our workload post sale agreed”

Brian C., Seller“We had a tough time previously buying without transact – between dealing with solicitors and estate agents. We were left in the unknown and information was kept from us, with Transact information was accessible and we knew where we were at all stages of selling, the main benefit of using Transact – Time, the speed of which the process was wrapped up.”

Elaine H., Seller“Having sold a property previously, I was able to compare Transact Vs the old way and its night and day – I found using Transact was a major benefit to me, I could see what the solicitors and agents were doing at every step.”

Transact makes the whole process:


showing you who is doing what
and where the process is
right now.


speeding up all transactions by
identifying and immediately
eliminating delays.

Higher Quality

only the highest quality and
best value Solicitors with
a proven track record.

One Platform

The best service,
connecting all parties,
under one digital roof


access everything on your
phone, tablet or PC, wherever
you are, 24/7.

Complete Every Step

with start to finish project
management and a complete
roadmap of your journey.


See every step of your journey:


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