Transact for Developers

A new way for new homes.

Fast-track the contract signing process, reduce administration work and enhance cashflow.

Reduce delays between sale agreed and deposit receipt

Inbuilt Digital Signatures for Contracts

Transparent view of all property progress

Eliminate traditional delays between solicitors

Deliver 24/7 real-time updates

Key Features

Milestone tracking and dynamic updates
24/7 real time view of Properties Progress
Digital Signatures
KPI Dashboard
Online document repository
Access and integration with a network of solicitor firms

We are delighted to have adopted the Transact New Build system for our Foxwood and Knightswood Developments in Waterford. Before Transact, tracking of new sites and interaction with both our solicitor and purchasers solicitors was done via excel and post. Signing documents in paper, monitoring over-sized excel sheets and calling solicitors for updates was costing us significant time and money. Now with Transact, it’s all online and we have a 24/7 digital view of all properties.

Best of all is that it makes our customers lives much easier as they can do everything online, including signing contracts and tracking each stage of the development and legal process.

We look forward to working with Transact and MW Keller to deliver a great service to our customer on our Foxwood and Knightswood properties

Frisby Homes, Property Developer